Middle Manual QA (Web)

  • Remote
  • Anywhere
  • R&D / Development

Odeeo is building the future of audio advertising. We’re a startup focused on creating solutions for publishers to unlock the fastest-growing segment of marketing spend, and empowering advertisers to reach mobile audiences at scale. 

As a Middle Manual QA (Web), you will be an integral part of our team, contributing significantly to the quality and reliability of our flagship web applications. Your role will encompass developing, implementing, and maintaining test cases while gradually transitioning towards automated testing using our user-friendly internal automation framework.


  • Develop, implement, and maintain test cases for our flagship web applications.

  • Gradually shift from executing manual tests to developing automated tests using our easy-to-learn internal automation framework.

  • This role will provide an opportunity for a balanced mix of manual and automated testing, allowing for a seamless career transition toward becoming an Automation QA.


  • Upper intermediate English level
  • Postman experience
  • Back-end testing experience
  • Requirement analysis knowledge

  • Linux OS practical usage experience
  • Basic SQL knowledge

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